Factory 7

We are proud to introduce Factory 7, the scale alone makes a statement, that combined with the hand rubbed antique finish and you have room changing piece of furniture. Up close you will note the construction is as solid as it looks. Each piece is hand crafted utilizing both Mexican Pine (a heavy much denser type of pine) along with refurbished lumber scavenged from barns, old warehouses and factories, no particle board. All of the hardware is hand forged, (hand forged: raw piece of steel heated to red hot hammered bent and twisted on an anvil by a craftsman) you can’t buy this hardware from Home Depot or order it from China. All these features come together and you truly have a unique piece of furniture that will last lifetimes. There are at least 15 finishes to select from, all available via special order or call and see what we have in stock or on the way.

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